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Immersion thermostat

1-Cube is here for you. We can provide you the best immersion thermostat (type IMMERCIRC). If you are looking for high-quality immersion thermostat, you should visit our e-shop. Devices we purchase are made for bath tanks up to a capacity of 50 litres. All the parts of our immersion thermostats are made of high-quality stainless steel, plastic or aluminium. Find more information about immersion thermostats at heating/cooling systems section.

Thermostat type IMMERCIRC

Heating Immersion Thermostats and Bridge Mounted Thermostats are made specially for bath tanks up to a capacity of 50 litres and and they come equipped with a bridge to fit all tanks. This allows immersion thermostat fast problem-free fitting or assembly for existing or new bath tanks. The immersion depth is from 12 cm to 28 cm (optimum 16 cm).

Immersion and advantages:

  • DISPLAY LCD for actual and setpoint values
  • Keypad for setpoints and menu functions
  • PID temperature control
  • Integrated programmer for 8 program steps
  • RS232 interface for online communication
  • RTA = Real-Temperature-Adjustment
  • User-adjustable correction factor to meet ISO 9004

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