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Heating/cooling systems

Category:   Laboratory equipment  > Heating/cooling systems
132aen Laboratory Temperature Controllers, Programmer type REG01
Typical applications: heating mantles, heating baths and heating mats. Modern control technology, space-saving design and high operating comfort are particular advantages. The built-in RS232 interface enables online communication with a PC.

Technical parameters:
  • Working temperature range: -80 to +170 °C
  • Temperature control: PID
  • Temperature stability: 0.05°C
  • Display: LCD
  • Display resolution: 0.01°C
  • Integrated programmer for 8 program steps
  • Heater capacity: 3000W
  • Refrigerator capacity: 2000W
  • Digital interfaces: RS232
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 160 x 130 x 175 mm
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Ambient temperature: 2...40°C
Laboratory Temperature Controllers, Programmer type REG01
  • DISPLAY LCD for actual and setpoint values
  • Splash-proof keypad for setpoints and menu functions
  • Connections for 1 Pt100 sensor
  • PID temperature control
  • Integrated programmer for 8 program steps
  • RS232 interface for online communication
  • RTA = Real-Temperature-Adjustment.
  • User-adjustable correction factor to meet ISO 9004
Files: Temperature Controllers.pdf

High Precision Thermometer

The high-precision thermometer from 1-CUBE  is designed for the most accurate temperature measurements with a measuring uncertainty of  0.002 °C.

Immersion circulator

Heating Immersion Circulators are made for bath tanks. Immersion circulator often come equipped with a bridge to fit all tanks. The immersion depth of immersion circulator is from 12 cm to 28 cm (optimum 16 cm). The parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, plastic or aluminium. Are you interested in immersion circulators? Just visit our e-shop for more information.

Immersion thermostat

We provide immersion thermostat type IMMERCIRC. Are you looking for some high-quality immersion thermostat? Our devices are made for bath tanks up to a capacity of 50 litres. The parts of immersion thermostats are made of high-quality stainless steel, plastic or aluminium. You can get one right now. Find more information about immersion thermostats we provide above.

Forcing test

Refrigerated/Heating Circulator for internal and external temperature applications
1-CUBE Refrigerated & Heating Circulator for heating and cooling are suitable for external temperature tasks and for temperature applications ...