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Sampling stoppers

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Sampling without CO2 loss is necessary for biological stability determination of the working samples, foamability measurement with the help of NIBEM method and for sampling where CO2 loss can influence the results of the analysis. It is important to do the sampling with the sampling valves for example from the cellar, before filtration of the transfer tank and KEG casks. Samples are withdraved into the small bottles with the acorn caps or even into the beer crowned bottles .It is possible to ensure sampling without increase of the dissolved 02 from the bottle neck with the help of 1-CUBE?s crown apparatus.

Stainless sampling stoppers suit perfectly to these demands. Before sampling put the filling head on the bottle, connect the bottle to the piping and fill the bottle with beer (regulating the beer flow) without CO2 loss. Beer is forced out from the starting non-standard filling phase by slow beer flow Beer flow is regulated with the help of connected hose with the pinchcock or stopper with throttling cock. After slow pressure decrease sampling preparation is replaced with acorn cap or crown. Another type of sampling stopper is designed for sampling into PET bottles.