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Refracktometric determination of fermenting degree

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Today we offer refraktometric determination of apparent extract in combination with filtration/centrifuge. The withdrawed sample is decarbonized in the decarbonizer type OP, it is filtered or centrifuged. The refraction is measured and saved automatically into the memory of the reftractometer. The measurement is only low-responsive to residual content of CO2. 
Once the measurement is over the measured values are transfered (with the help of USB cable) from the memory of the refractometer into a computer. Value of apparent extract, real extract, alcohol content and fermenting degree are calculated from the values of refraction and original extract. The measured and calculated data are visualised in Excell programme file. 
The advantage of this procedure is fast and operative determination of fermenting degree directly in the cylindroconical fermenters departement.


  • Operative determination of the fermenting curve in the operation of the cylindro-conical fermenters department, immediate availability of the results for decision-making of the staff
  • Only small quantity of sample needed
  • Convenient method accuracy
  • Low cost
  • No big room needed
  • Accuracy of measurement of apparent extract (%) + - 0,15

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