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Portable oxygen meter Type OXI

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Whether your samples are soft drinks, mineral water or beer, with its measuring range from 0 ppm O2 to 10 ppm O2 the portable oxygen meter OXI is always the best option. The oxygen content is displayed in less than 2 minutes and is automatically transferred to the data memory.

The oxygen meter OXI accurately determines dissolved oxygen in beverages. The measurement is unaffected by other dissolved gases which makes it indispensable for monitoring of the oxygen content.

Portable oxygen meter OXI consists of:

microprocessor and evaluating and display unit with the keyboard and double line display, optical oxygen sensor with integrated optoelectronics and the measuring chamber.


Technical description:

  • Highly accurate determination of dissolved oxygen in beverages
  • Determination of dissolved oxygen in the laboratory or at-line
  • No influence of other dissolved gases
  • Proven measurement method using an optical oxygen sensor
  • User-friendliness and quick
  • Combined with a Sampler Device type ICAS for filling directly from bottles or cans in the laboratory conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Frequent calibration of the O2 measurement is not required
  • The data can be securely transferred to a PC using the interface cable

1. Measurement of oxygen at line:

Portable oxygen meter OXI is the ideal partner when utilized at line. Sample volume for one measurement is 100 ml.


2. Measurement of oxygen in the laboratory:

In the lab the performance of oxygen meter OXI is always excellent. For measurements out of bottles or cans Oxygen meter OXI is operated with the convenient and safe Sampler Device type ICAS and nitrogen distribution.

Apparatus Assembly: portable oxygen meter OXI, sampler-type ICAS and nitrogen distribution accurately determines oxygen content in:

a) Headspace- gaseous oxygen in the headspace

b) Oxygen content dissolved in beer

Note: portable oxygen meter can be easily removed from the apparatus assembly and then it can be incorporated again.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0 ppb to 10000 ppb
  • O2 Detection line: 3 ppb
  • Measuring range: - 10 to 80 degrees Celsius (temperature of measured sample)
  • Working pressure: 0 to +12 bar
  • Measuring units: ppb, ppm
  • Memory capacity: up to 450 measurements
  • Interface: RS485-USB
  • Dimensions: 310x170x100 mm (LxWxH mm)
  • Weight: ca. 2 kg
Scope of Supply:
  • Portable Oxygen meter OXI
  • Service set with power supply (Euro or US plug)
  • Set of two sample hoses
  • Instruction manual
  • Software set (DVD + Interface cable RS485-USB)
  • Sampler Device type ICAS
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