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Portable oxygen meter

When measuring O2, the portable oxygen meter OXI is the best option. The oxygen content is fast displayed and automatically transferred to the data memory of portable oxygen meter.

The oxygen meter OXI accurately determines dissolved oxygen in beverages. The measurement is unaffected by other dissolved gases which makes it indispensable for monitoring of the oxygen content. Would you like to have your own device?

Parts of meter

What are the parts of our device? Portable oxygen meter OXI consists of great processor, display with the keyboard, optical oxygen sensor and measuring chamber. Portable oxygen meter OXI is the ideal partner when utilized at line. In the lab the performance of portable oxygen meter OXI is always excellent. Note that portable oxygen meter can be easily removed from the apparatus assembly and then it can be incorporated again. For more information about portable oxygen meter, search e-shop above.

Get your portable oxygen meter

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