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Jacobsen seed testing bath

Jacobsen seed testing bath.jpgThis equipment allows setting and maintenance of internationally recognised conditions for seed germination testing, where an eight-hour period of operating at 30°C is followed by a sixteen-hour period at 20°C. The thermostatically controlled water circulator is intended for use in an environment of 17 to 18°C. This will allow a natural radiation of heat through the bath bottom and a drop to 20°C will take about 2 hours without chilled water assistance. However, the temperature controller will accept cooling water into its heat exchanger if there are difficulties in maintaining the lower set point. 

The stainless-steel water bath is designed to hold 13 glass plates about 25 mm above the water level. Each plate will hold five test pads that are individually protected by a small plastic cover. These covers provide controlled microenvironments to each germination test. Stainless Steel water bath with high flow capability for fast responsive control of pre-set temperatures.

Programmable temperature and time controller, allowing three user defined programmes or choice from six predefined programmes.