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  • Laboratory equipment

    We produce and sell high quality laboratory instruments for breweries, malthouses, winemakers, food manufacturers, research institutes, schools and hospitals. They are characterized by precision, durability and excellent value for money. Our range of laboratory equipment provides accurate measurement and analysis, for production control in quality critical applications.

    Types of laboratory instruments

    We sell various types of laboratory equipment such as CO2 testers for beer and carbonated beverages, O2 testers, vitascope – Easy Twin, wine analyser, and beer analyser. We supply laboratory equipment for breweries, malthouses, microbiological labs, hospitals and cider makers.

    In addition, the 1-Cube laboratory range also includes laboratory carbonation systems, turbidity meters, thermostats and temperature-controlled baths for laboratory procedures.

    The common denominator of our laboratory instruments is top quality and accuracy.  Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your choice

  • Types of production control equipment

    We have a wide range of essential production control equipment for beverage production, not only breweries. For example, the pasteurisation monitor (PU monitor) records the temperature curves and the pasteurization effects on beer or soft drinks during in-pack tunnel pasteurization. You can also choose instruments to measure the dissolved CO2 and Oxygen content in beverages. Using CO2 gehaltemeter or O2 gehaltemeter, measure the content of these gases in cylindro-conical fermentation, conditioning and bright tanks, in pipelines and in kegs. To quickly extract aseptic samples of carbonated beverages from pressurised tanks. Use a 1-Cube AOV ‘pigtail’ coil, for easy foam-free sampling.

    Check out our control devices and do not hesitate to ask us questions - we will be happy to answer them.

  • Equipment for pub breweries

    We have a wide line of equipment for pub breweries. In particular, CO2 meters, manual crown capping machines, bottling apparatus, and oxygen meters. All pub brewery equipment combines high quality and long life. Check out the 1-Cube range. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Technology

    Reliability, Accuracy, Security and Value - These are the key features of the technologies 1-Cube supply for breweries, cider and wine makers, food manufacturers or laboratories. Technological innovation is unceasing. Device design and performance constantly improves. You too, with their help, can improve your products and operational efficiency.

    Technology for breweries

    Useful devices for beer production. For example, Bunging Apparatus for adjustable fermentation and conditioning tank pressure control. Helping you produce correctly carbonated beer every time.  We will be happy to help with the selection.