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Jacobsen seed testing bath

Jacobsen seed testing bath.jpgThis equipment allows setting and maintenance of internationally recognised conditions for seed germination testing, where an eight-hour period of operating at 30°C is followed by a sixteen-hour period at 20°C. The thermostatically controlled water circulator is intended for use in an environment of 17 to 18°C. This will allow a natural radiation of heat through the bath bottom and a drop to 20°C will take about 2 hours without chilled water assistance. However, the temperature controller will accept cooling water into its heat exchanger if there are difficulties in maintaining the lower set point. 

The stainless-steel water bath is designed to hold 13 glass plates about 25 mm above the water level. Each plate will hold five test pads that are individually protected by a small plastic cover. These covers provide controlled microenvironments to each germination test. Stainless Steel water bath with high flow capability for fast responsive control of pre-set temperatures.

Programmable temperature and time controller, allowing three user defined programmes or choice from six predefined programmes.

Published 2. 1. 2024 14:07

Invitation for Brau Beviale 2023

Due date: 28/11/23 - 30/11/23

Brau-Beviale.jpgOur company would like to invite you to attend our stand No.148 in hall 6  at World Fair Brau Beviale 2023 which is being held in  Nurnberg Messe   from 28 to 30 November this year. We are looking forward to seeing you in  Nurnberg.

Published 29. 9. 2023 13:45

Syringe pump


The 1-CUBE syringe pump is a programmable single channel infusion / withdrawal syringe pump. It has a plastic casing to provide stability, ensuring less vibration is transferred to the syringes. Setup is easy using the instruments keypad or via a computer with optional RS232/USB cable.

The "Profile" method allows the user to program up to 7 pumping phases defined by times and dosing volumes. It can be set  flow rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, sound the buzzer.

The 1-CUBE syringe pump can even function as a peristaltic pump with two optional check valves.

Syringe pump

Published 31. 5. 2021 10:16

Syringe Warmer

Syringe warmer.jpg

The 1-CUBE Syringe Warmer is applied to warm up syringes filled with baby food, medicine, etc. to a preset temperature quickly. The device is optional available with a timer. The set temperature can be programmed to values up to 75°C. The Syringe Warmer is available for a multitude of syringe types and sizes. Through the constant warming and the pre-installed adjustments the handling is easy and the daily routine in laboratories and medical practices is a relief. Syringes can be tempered exactly and be used without another checkup. The device can also be produced customized for other types of syringes or temperatures.


Syringe Warmer

Published 13. 4. 2021 10:47


Incubators-Culturing Units.jpg

For culturing bacteria or yeast strains in the dairy and food industry under definite terms.

Microprocessor-controlled program unit for different programmes with 99 steps each.
Bath made of stainless steel, outstanding thermo-insulation characteristics, digital display of actual temperature and remaining time of actual program step. built-in circulation pump.

Complete including culture vessels stainless steel with lid and stirrer, mother culture flasks 500ml, support stand of anodized aluminium.

Instruments can be optionally equipped with pH-control/PH and 2-channels-recorder for pH-/temperature protocol/PHR.


Published 12. 4. 2021 13:23


BRT test incubator.jpg

The procedure of inhibitor tests for milk analysis is one of the essential process steps for the quality assurance in the dairying. Test laboratories and farmers use the efficient quick test for their analysis to evaluate the today’s high safety standards in this industry. The operating mode of this heating instrument embraces the constant tempering and incubation of the milk test. The 1-CUBE incubators are equipped with aluminium heating units and an digital temperature control.



Published 12. 4. 2021 11:03


We have redesigned our portable oxygen-meter OXI for a better user's experience: Oximetr typ OXI

  • More robust
  • More stable
  • New battery for a better autonomy

Technical specifications

Published 18. 12. 2020 13:50

PU monitor for temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius

PMKL na 85 stupnu[3].jpgWe have modified the design of the PU monitor so that it can now be used for temperatures up to 85 °C.  

PU monitor.pdf


Published 16. 4. 2020 14:36

BrauBeviale 2019

Our company would like to invite you to attend our stand No.128 in hall 6 at World Fair BrauBeviale 2019 which Logo BrauBeviale 2019

is being held in Nurnberg Messe from 12 to 14 November this year.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nurnberg!

Published 4. 9. 2019 10:25

Invitation for Brau Beviale 2018

2018-08-09_105839.jpgOur company would like to invite you to attend our stand No.458 in hall 6  at World Fair Brau Beviale 2018 which is being held in  Nurnberg Messe   from 13 to 15 November this year. We are looking forward to seeing you in  Nurnberg.

Published 9. 8. 2018 11:07