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Analysis is crucial in the food industry.  Breweries, wine makers and manufacturers of carbonated beverages cannot do without equipment for analysing beverage composition and quality.

Therefore, our Beer Analyser provides a complete analysis of beer and alcoholic sweetened soft drinks. To obtain the Apparent, Actual and Original beer Extract in percent by weight, PLATO or Brix.  Alcohol content, by volume or weight percent. Beer density -h20 (at 20 ° C). Relative density h20 / 20 20 ° C). Apparent and Actual degree of fermentation. Energy in kcal/100 ml and kJ/100 ml.

Our Wine Analyser provides semi-automatic analysis of wine. To obtain the total alcohol content or density information. The Beer and Wine analysers can also monitor fermentation.

The range of analysers is extended by other devices. For example, beer foam stability analyser, decarbonizer or biological thermostat. A rotary beer bottle shaker will also be a useful help.

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  • Biological thermostat - BT

    Thermostat with cooling unit and stainless bath makes it possible to control the temperature of samples in fluid bath and outer systems (f.e. apparatus for beer filterability determination, refractometer, photometer, etc.). Stainless steel vessel is fitted with outlet valve and overflow.

  • Decarbonizer - OP

    Nearly all the chemical analysis of beer or saturated drinks which demands the removal of CO2 can be used with the defoamer.

  • Foam stability analyzer - FSA

    Foam stability analyzer - use

Displayed 3 items