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CO2 measuring instruments

Beer taste and appearance are influenced by the dissolved CO2 content (carbon dioxide) in the beverage. Consistent CO2 content is an important sign of product quality; especially for small packs. It not only concerns beer, but also other carbonated beverages. On the other hand, oxygen is undesirable. It causes oxidation and spoilage of drinks. Our measuring instruments help to check the dissolved CO2 and O2 content.

We supply top quality CO2 gehaltemeters and O2 gehaltemeters for gas measurement in beer and carbonated beverages.

We make a range of portable CO2 measuring instruments to suit different requirements and budgets. The so-called CO2 gehaltemeters are superb value. GMA series analogue CO2 measuring instruments are ideal for smaller producers, such as micro-breweries. For more demanding users, digital GMD CO2 instruments provide greater accuracy and repeatability.

Displayed 6 items
Displayed 6 items