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Heating, cooling system

Heating and cooling are crucial in food and drink production. 1-Cube produce and supply various kinds of quality thermostats. Thermostats vary with their temperature control range, the container dimensions and the control accuracy. Some thermostats are designed for temperature control of external systems outside the thermostat.

Specifically, we offer: Bridge Mounted Circulators, Recirculating Coolers for temperature control of external systems, Heating Immersion Circulators for temperature control of tempering vessels and external systems, biological thermostats, and precise digital thermometers with data logging.

Contact us to discuss and select the best temperature control system for your needs.

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  • Biological thermostat - BT

    Thermostat with cooling unit and stainless bath makes it possible to control the temperature of samples in fluid bath and outer systems (f.e. apparatus for beer filterability determination, refractometer, photometer, etc.). Stainless steel vessel is fitted with outlet valve and overflow.

  • High Precision Thermometer and Data Logger

    The high-precision thermometer from 1-CUBE is designed for the most accurate temperature measurements with a measuring uncertainty of 0.002 °C. Thermometer is designed for record of temperature. Values are stored to a non volatile electronic memory.

  • Immersion Circulator- Immersion Thermostat type IMMERCIRC

    Heating Immersion Circulators and Bridge Mounted Circulators are made for bath tanks up to a capacity of 50 litres and come equipped with a bridge to fit all tanks. This allows fast problem-free fitting or assembly for existing or new bath tanks.

  • Incubators-Culturing-Units

    For culturing bacteria or yeast strains in the dairy and food industry under definite terms.

  • Laboratory Temperature Controllers, Programmer type REG01

    Typical applications: heating mantles, heating baths and heating mats. Modern control technology, space-saving design and high operating comfort are particular advantages. The built-in RS232 interface enables online communication with a PC.

  • Recirculating Cooler

    The recirculating cooler has been especially designed to control the temperature of small-scale systems such as refractometers, photometers, polarimeters, and other similar laboratory devices. The unit using Peltier effect is robust, compact, silent and easy to operate.

  • Refrigerated/Heated Circulator Type SU12.1

    Refrigerated/Heating Circulator for internal and external temperature applications

  • Syringe Warmer

    The 1-CUBE Syringe Warmer is applied to warm up syringes filled with baby food, medicine, etc. to a preset temperature quickly. The device is optional available with a timer. The set temperature can be programmed to values up to 75°C.

    Syringe Warmer
Displayed 9 items