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In the microbiology section you will find equipment and technology for breweries and beverage manufacturers as well as for research institutes, hospitals or schools. In addition to the anaerostat, we produce pigtails for the foam-free extraction of carbonated product samples from pressurised tanks.

Anaerostat allows microorganisms to be cultivated in the sealed internal atmosphere. Often used to test for contamination using petri-dishes and selective growth media. For fully anaerobic conditions, air is expelled and replaced by the required gas atmosphere, or an anaerocult is used to mop-up any oxygen. 1-Cube anaerostats have a transparent high-pressure polyvinylchloride vessel. Some versions include a pressure gauge for monitoring the rate of microbial respiration. Larger models can hold an optional rack for test tubes.

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  • Anaerostat

    The anaerostat makes it possible to carry out a cultivation of microorganisms in an accurately defined protective atmosphere.

  • Sample cocks

    Made of stainless steel. DN 6, d 6, D 20, L 70.

  • Withdrawal of saturated drinks - AOV

    Designed for a fast aseptic withdrawals of laboratory samples of saturated drinks, from overpressure to atmospheric pressure, without foaming.

Displayed 3 items