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Dissolved O2 measurement

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  • Measuring device digital - OXI-GMD for measurement of O2 and CO2 (O2 and CO2 GEHALTEMETER)

    Our Digital O2 and CO2 Measuring Device is designed for the determination of O2 and CO2 content in beer, saturated beverages and sparkling wine in tanks, fermentation tanks, KEG casks and cylindro-conical fermenters (CO2 in volume percentage or g/l and O2 in ppb or ppm ).

  • Portable oxygen meter OXI

    Whether your samples are soft drinks, mineral water or beer, with its measuring range from 0 ppm O2 to 10 ppm O2 the portable oxygen meter OXI is always the best option. The oxygen content is displayed in less than 2 minutes and is automatically transferred to the data memory.

  • Sampling device - ICAS

    Place the capped beer bottle or the plastic bottle with the special adapter on the centering dish. The cap is pierced without air inlet by moving the lever completely forwards. The stainless steel tube is inserted and is at the same time connected by hose with the oxymeter or foam stability tester.

  • Welded coupling providing sensor exchange without shutdown

    We manufacture welded couplings for different types of sensors into pipeline or bioreactor. Coupling makes possible to change the sensor without shutdown and at the same time sensor protection during sanitization.

Displayed 4 items