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Other uses

We have included other devices and technologies that we produce and deliver to the market in this section - for example, for breweries, winemakers, laboratories or the food industry.

For example, manual crown capping machines designed for the fast and easy manual stopping of all types of crown caps. Made of stainless steel, we recommend it mainly for microbreweries and brewery labs. Other products include bottling equipment, gas burettes or yeast presses.

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  • Bottling apparatus - SHL

    Required for the fast and easy manual bottling of beer and saturated drinks into all types of bottles. It is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for minibreweries and laboratories. It is possible to use CO2 or a mixture of gases (N2 and CO2) for the overpressuring of bottles.

  • CDP - for faster cleaning of pycnometers and laboratory glassware

    CDP makes possible the simultaneous handling of as many as six pycnometers or six pieces of glassware. Handling the apparatus is easy and the operator does not need special training.

  • Crown apparatus - KN

    Required for the fast and and easy manual stopping of all types of bottles with closures. It is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for minibreweries and laboratories. Speed of stopping is 7 bottles per minute.


    Our Digital pressure and temperature logger system is applicable to different kinds of bottles which require pressure resistance.

  • Forcing Tests - Chilling bath Type SU6, SU12, SU24

    These units are versatile and offer a wide range of uses. They can be used as either chilling boxes or as two separated fluid thermostats. They are equipped with state of the art electronics providing quality and reliability.

  • Gas burette

    Gas burette (it is not part of the supply) only on customer's demand.).

  • Pressure yeast-press

    It is often necessary to thicken insoluble parts of the suspension like spent grains, operational yeast, mash etc.. in the fermenting laboratory.

  • Syringe pump

    The 1-CUBE syringe pump is a programmable single channel infusion / withdrawal syringe pump. It has a plastic casing to provide stability, ensuring less vibration is transferred to the syringes. Setup is easy using the instruments keypad or via a computer with optional RS232/USB cable.

    Syringe pump
Displayed 8 items