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For malthouses

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  • Apparatus for determination of optimum barley variety for malting-VTO

    The apparatus is designed to determine the choice of a brewing barley variety at its optimum maturity for malting. The apparatus brings real cost savings and, atthe same time, improves the quality of the finished malt.

  • Germination Viability Tester (Tetrazolium test for seed viability) Type Vitascop Easi-Twin

    The twin pots are indivividually Programmable for TIME, TEMPERATURE and VACUUM

  • Kjeldahl analysis- Distilling unit type UDK 129

    Entry-level solution for your analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen, (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acids, cyanides, alcohol content and Devarda nitrogen

  • Laboratory counter MH

    This instrument is designed for fast, automatic and precise counting of small elements, like seeds of different crops (cereals, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, and pulses). It allows counting of pre-set numbers (e.g. 1000 pieces) and counting of unknown quantity.

  • Mash Bath / Mashing bath

    Mash Bath - R4, R8, R12 are designed for laboratory use in breweries and malthouses. It aids in the determination of malt extract. The equipment allows one to utilize the CONGRESS, HARTONG 20, HARTONG 45, HARTONG 65, HARTONG 80, ASBC, PROFILE or THERMOSTAT methodology of testing.

  • Micromalting Machine

    The micromalting machine is a laboratory equipment used for micro malting tests. The machine is designed to study properties and verify performance of different barley under various process conditions.

  • Mineralizer

    Mineralizer MB 332 and MB 442 are designed for mineralizing of samples in the wet way in tubes with 41 mm outside diameter and the temperature of 400-440° C (for example determination of protein acc. to Kjeldahl's method, determination of fiber, etc.).

  • Sample mill SJ500

    Disc type mill for grinding samples without moisture loss.

Displayed 9 items