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Laboratory equipment

We produce and sell high quality laboratory instruments for breweries, malthouses, winemakers, food manufacturers, research institutes, schools and hospitals. They are characterized by precision, durability and excellent value for money. Our range of laboratory equipment provides accurate measurement and analysis, for production control in quality critical applications.

Types of laboratory instruments

We sell various types of laboratory equipment such as CO2 testers for beer and carbonated beverages, O2 testers, vitascope – Easy Twin, wine analyser, and beer analyser. We supply laboratory equipment for breweries, malthouses, microbiological labs, hospitals and cider makers.

In addition, the 1-Cube laboratory range also includes laboratory carbonation systems, turbidity meters, thermostats and temperature-controlled baths for laboratory procedures.

The common denominator of our laboratory instruments is top quality and accuracy.  Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your choice

  • CO2 measuring instruments

    Beer taste and appearance are influenced by the dissolved CO2 content (carbon dioxide) in the beverage. Consistent CO2 content is an important sign of product quality; especially for small packs. It not only concerns beer, but also other carbonated beverages. On the other hand, oxygen is undesirable. It causes oxidation and spoilage of drinks. Our measuring instruments help to check the dissolved CO2 and O2 content.

    We supply top quality CO2 gehaltemeters and O2 gehaltemeters for gas measurement in beer and carbonated beverages.

    We make a range of portable CO2 measuring instruments to suit different requirements and budgets. The so-called CO2 gehaltemeters are superb value. GMA series analogue CO2 measuring instruments are ideal for smaller producers, such as micro-breweries. For more demanding users, digital GMD CO2 instruments provide greater accuracy and repeatability.

  • O2 measuring instruments

    Dissolved oxygen measurement is critical in a number of areas. It is particularly important for beer and carbonated beverage producers. A high content of dissolved oxygen causes faster aging and spoilage of the drink. Hence, O2 in the beverages must be watched and controlled, preferably with the help of an advanced oxygen meter.

    We supply Oxygen Meters. The optical luminescence technology is characterised by accurate and reliable measurement, with a long service life. This method of O2 measurement is unaffected by other gases. It can therefore be used for the reliable and consistent monitoring of oxygen in a variety of beverages and liquids.

    For O2 measurement in bottle and cans, optional accessories allow the 1-Cube OXI to be used with a benchtop Small-Pack Piercer and Sample Extractor.

  • Analysis

    Analysis is crucial in the food industry.  Breweries, wine makers and manufacturers of carbonated beverages cannot do without equipment for analysing beverage composition and quality.

    Therefore, our Beer Analyser provides a complete analysis of beer and alcoholic sweetened soft drinks. To obtain the Apparent, Actual and Original beer Extract in percent by weight, PLATO or Brix.  Alcohol content, by volume or weight percent. Beer density -h20 (at 20 ° C). Relative density h20 / 20 20 ° C). Apparent and Actual degree of fermentation. Energy in kcal/100 ml and kJ/100 ml.

    Our Wine Analyser provides semi-automatic analysis of wine. To obtain the total alcohol content or density information. The Beer and Wine analysers can also monitor fermentation.

    The range of analysers is extended by other devices. For example, beer foam stability analyser, decarbonizer or biological thermostat. A rotary beer bottle shaker will also be a useful help.

    Find out more about our products and do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Microbiology

    In the microbiology section you will find equipment and technology for breweries and beverage manufacturers as well as for research institutes, hospitals or schools. In addition to the anaerostat, we produce pigtails for the foam-free extraction of carbonated product samples from pressurised tanks.

    Anaerostat allows microorganisms to be cultivated in the sealed internal atmosphere. Often used to test for contamination using petri-dishes and selective growth media. For fully anaerobic conditions, air is expelled and replaced by the required gas atmosphere, or an anaerocult is used to mop-up any oxygen. 1-Cube anaerostats have a transparent high-pressure polyvinylchloride vessel. Some versions include a pressure gauge for monitoring the rate of microbial respiration. Larger models can hold an optional rack for test tubes.

    We will be happy to answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Laboratory equipment for malthouses

    Mash Bath, Vitascope, Grain Cutter, Grain Cutter or Laboratory Mill – This is specialist equipment for Malthouse laboratories, Research & Development and Malt Quality Control.

    A Mash Bath is used to replicate a brewhouse mashing process in the laboratory to analyse the extract obtainable from one or more samples of malt. The equipment facilitates mashing according to various industry standard and custom profiles: CONGRESS, HARTONG 20, HARTONG 45, HARTONG 65, HARTONG 80, ASBC, PROFILE or THERMOSTAT methods.

    For maltsters and grain traders, the tetrazolium test, the so-called staining method, is used to quickly analyse the viability of seeds, or to determine the grain germination performance. It's the best way to obtain quick and accurate results. The test itself takes only 15 minutes.

  • Colloidal stability of beer

    Turbid beer is rarely desirable. Therefore, it is very important for breweries to control the colloidal stability of beer. Which can help to identify shelf-life issues. With our advanced range of devices, you can quickly and easily identify when a beer will develop colloidal turbidity.

    To determine the colloidal stability of beer, we offer different sizes of chilling baths and a hazemeter.

    Take a look at our range of laboratory equipment and if you need help with the selection, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Heating, cooling system

    Heating and cooling are crucial in food and drink production. 1-Cube produce and supply various kinds of quality thermostats. Thermostats vary with their temperature control range, the container dimensions and the control accuracy. Some thermostats are designed for temperature control of external systems outside the thermostat.

    Specifically, we offer: Bridge Mounted Circulators, Recirculating Coolers for temperature control of external systems, Heating Immersion Circulators for temperature control of tempering vessels and external systems, biological thermostats, and precise digital thermometers with data logging.

    Contact us to discuss and select the best temperature control system for your needs.

  • Other uses

    We have included other devices and technologies that we produce and deliver to the market in this section - for example, for breweries, winemakers, laboratories or the food industry.

    For example, manual crown capping machines designed for the fast and easy manual stopping of all types of crown caps. Made of stainless steel, we recommend it mainly for microbreweries and brewery labs. Other products include bottling equipment, gas burettes or yeast presses.

    Take a look at all of our products that we will be happy to help you with your choice

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  • Syringe Warmer

    The 1-CUBE Syringe Warmer is applied to warm up syringes filled with baby food, medicine, etc. to a preset temperature quickly. The device is optional available with a timer. The set temperature can be programmed to values up to 75°C.

    Syringe Warmer
  • Welded coupling providing sensor exchange without shutdown

    We manufacture welded couplings for different types of sensors into pipeline or bioreactor. Coupling makes possible to change the sensor without shutdown and at the same time sensor protection during sanitization.

  • Withdrawal of saturated drinks - AOV

    Designed for a fast aseptic withdrawals of laboratory samples of saturated drinks, from overpressure to atmospheric pressure, without foaming.

Displayed 43 - 45 items of 45